Language learning software on a computer and tablet

Learning a language takes too long and costs too much.

We're changing that.

When professional organizations need better language capability to address military, diplomatic, commercial, medical or similar professional requirements, the economics are critical. Language skills are vital in today’s world, so acquiring a language needs to cost less, take less time, and not keep valuable personnel away from their jobs.

In this blog series, we reveal how our technology and methodology are transforming the world of language training for government and professional language schools and programs, and beyond that even changing what’s possible in academe, for individual learners, and for endangered languages.

By using emerging technology to blend innovative technology with human instruction, we are transforming the economics, logistics, reliability and visibility of language learning and sustainment.

Read more about transforming the economics of language learning:

  • Part 1 - Train faster.
  • Part 2 - Your curriculum. Your requirements.
  • Part 3 - The power of DABL.
  • Part 4 - Where and when are the keys to reduced disruption.
  • Part 5 - Succeed even with unmotivated students.
  • Part 6 - The elegant discipline and addictive attraction of DABL.

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