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Transparent Language Online
for Homeschool

Everything you need to deliver a French, Latin, or Spanish program to your homeschool students

Annual plans starting at 


A complete solution for homeschool parents and students

The Transparent Language Online Homeschool Subscription includes everything you need to support your student and meet the requirements of your district*.

12 months of access

Subscriptions include access to all of the French, Latin, or Spanish homeschool courses listed below.

Student accounts

Separate and secure student accounts allow for each of your children to keep track of their own personal learning.

Parent account

Access the class administration and reporting tools in Transparent Language Online at any time during your subscription to monitor your student’s progress.

Detailed resources and guides

Instructor guides, workbooks, and other resource material to help you support your students. Activity reports, course completion certificates, and assessment score reports provide detail for submission to district administration*.

Unlimited technical support

Having trouble using the program? Subscriptions include access to technical support direct from Transparent Language.


French, Latin, and Spanish Courses for all ages

Comprehensive courses designed for independent study mean that no parental knowledge of French, Latin, or Spanish is required. Each course was created by certified teachers to meet the foreign language requirements of most states*. These courses are delivered in Transparent Language Online, meaning your student's learning activity is tracked and reported to you. A subscription includes all of the following content for your language, but you can choose the course that best fits your student's grade level as a starting point:


Course learning resources for students

Core skill-building activities

Give your student a robust program that builds all four core skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Alphabet lessons

You can't learn to read or write if you don't know the alphabet. Students also have access to our comprehensive Alphabet courses. (French and Spanish only)

Supplemental vocabulary

Your student can build proficiency by learning thousands of useful words and phrases categorized by topic and presented in an engaging, memory-building format complete with native speaker pronunciation.

Build speaking skills

Speech-enable learning activities like Multiple Choice allow your student to answer questions by speaking instead of clicking, encouraging speech in the language.

Pronunciation practice

Students can compare their pronunciation to that of a native speaker with our proprietary EveryVoice™ technology in Pronunciation Practice activities.

End-of-lesson assessments

All courses listed above include assessment tests that let you and your student know where they stand.

Got grammar?

We sure do, and more! An extensive collection of grammar lessons is appropriately integrated into the courses. These video and written explanations cover hundreds of grammar topics, providing students with a foundation to build upon.

Mobile apps

Great for exchange students! Students can take their language learning on-the-go with mobile apps that work offline.


Tools for parents

Monitor achievements

Track and report on your student’s progress and activity.

Learning materials

Utilize pre-made courses to save on valuable preparation time.

Assignment tracking

Assign due dates to lessons for your student to complete and monitor their progress through reports.

Downloadable workbooks

Print workbooks for extra practice and use in the creation of study guides.


Questions about our homeschool product? Don’t see the language you are looking for? Let us know!

*It is our intent to develop and maintain these programs of instruction that should meet the requirements of most states and school districts.  The courses included in this homeschool program were developed under the supervision of a New York State certified teacher and are intended to meet the requirements of the State of NY, as well as most other states.  These materials have been used to support instructional programs delivered by Transparent Language and other schools and have been accepted by various states and school districts for grade appropriate credit.   However, such requirements are subject to change and interpretation, so Transparent Language cannot guarantee that all school districts will accept these courses for the intended credits.  If your district requires additional support or information about these materials before accepting for credit, please let us know and we will work with you to collect and submit such materials.