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CL-150 Platform Individual License Request

For an annual cost of $549**, US Government and affiliated personnel can purchase a CL-150 Individual License that includes access to all CL-150 Platform languages, learning materials, and features, including CL-150 Cohorts.


I already had a CL-150 account through JLU, can I access it again? You cannot access that account again, but we can roll over your previous learning data into your new CL-150 account. After you've purchased your new account, contact us at for assistance.

Does a CL-150 Individual License automatically renew? The license will not renew automatically, but individuals who remain qualified can choose to renew annually.

I want to purchase CL-150 access for a group of users, should I purchase individual licenses? Contact us at to discuss options.

Please fill in the form below to request a CL-150 Individual License.


CL-150 Individual License Request

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