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Briefs & Handouts

Download, print, and share these handouts for personal reference or for training new CL-150 users.

Accessing the CL-150 with an Authorization Code

Downloadable instructions to help new users access the CL-150 directly with an authorization code, set up the mobile app, and enroll in a Cohort.


Language Sustainment Workout

Our recommended regimen for language sustainment/maintenance on the job, including Cohorts, Learned Vocab, and assessments.


CL-150 User Handout

What is the CL-150, anyway? This handout provides an overview of CL-150 capabilities to help learners and sustainers.


CL-150 Cohorts Data Sheet

What are CL-150 Cohorts? This handout provides an overview of our weekly content streams for sustainers.


Managing a Mentor Program with the CL-150

Mentoring other linguists? This handout provides an overview of how to set up a class and assign Cohort lessons in the CL-150 to support your students.