Chinese 30x30 Challenge


Too intimidated to start learning Mandarin Chinese?

Not anymore.

The 30x30 Challenge makes Mandarin Chinese manageable. In just 30 minutes per day for 30 days, you'll be able to:

  • Identify 40 common radicals so you can read Chinese characters
  • Recognize all 400+ pinyin syllables so you can refine your pronunciation & type and text in Chinese characters
  • Decipher the 5 Chinese tones so you'll never mistake mā (mother) for mǎ (horse)

What the heck are radicals, tones, and pinyin? So glad you asked.

The 30x30 Guide lays out a daily plan using our trifecta of beginner courses in Transparent Language Online.

A month from now you could still be wishing you'd started. Or you could have conquered the Chinese 30x30 Challenge and be ready for your first Chinese conversation!

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